We offer a competitive salary and benefits package as well as the opportunity for career advancement from this position. This is the perfect opportunity to build a career at a well-established commercial interior systems construction company completing over 100 projects annually.

Primary Purpose

The Foreman is responsible for coordinating operations and overseeing workers in a fast-paced construction environment. As the point of reference for both workers and supervisors, this is a key role for meeting a project’s budget, schedule and quality standards.

Duties and Responsibilities

Health & Safety

  • Ensure all site safety requirements are followed
    • Ensure all workers have proper personal protective equipment (PPE) for the task and site
    • Ensure COVID-19 pre-screening questionnaire is completed by all employees and visitors
    • Complete weekly toolbox talks
    • Complete pre-job safety inspection (PSI) as required (i.e. when hazards change, such as working on a new floor, working with a new piece of equipment, when site conditions change, etc.)
    • Ensure all injuries are reported to the site supervisor, shared services lead, health and safety lead, operations manager and general manager as soon as possible, regardless of severity.
      • Complete incident report immediately on F2B using your tablet and send to appropriate parties
      • If worker requires medical attention, ensure they get it in a timely fashion
      • Escort injured worker to doctor or hospital if necessary
      • Remind worker to get proper documentation from doctor if required (i.e. Form 8, modified duties, functional abilities form, etc.)
      • Keep in touch with injured worker to monitor progress and keep the office updated
    • Comply with instruction from Safety First when requested
    • Ensure the Maxan safety board/job box is equipped, set up and that the crew is aware of its location

 Project Management

  • Ensure construction is carried out as per plans and specs
  • Review completed work and ensure Maxan quality is maintained throughout the project
  • Organize the workforce to complete the project is a cost-effective manner. Review the project schedule with site supervisor and work towards meeting this goal. If there is concern about meeting schedule, communicate concerns to GC & Maxan site supervision and the estimator, project management etc.
  • Review labour targets with Maxan supervisor and estimator; work towards meeting these goals.
  • Complete daily and weekly progress reports entirely. Include photos.
  • Order adequate materials required to complete the project
  • Have weekly progress targets, plan your week in advance and coordinate deliveries accordingly (i.e. minimize last minute, small deliveries)
  • Ensure delivery requests are submitted to the procurement lead by the appropriate deadline
  • Ensure Maxan’s work area is clean and tidy
  • Ensure bins are sorted correctly and are not overflowing when sending back to the shop
  • Ensure all scrap metal is sorted and sent back to the shop on a regular basis to avoid theft
  • Communicate any project concerns with appropriate parties
  • Keep track of small extras (3-4 hours, minimal material) and bury costs in larger extras if possible.
  • Keep track of changes and extras and submit work orders in a timely manner
  • Ensure work orders are signed by customer prior to submission to the office
  • Attend weekly on-site construction meetings
  • Foreman are expected to maximize output from the rest of the crew
  • Foreman are expected to be on the tools alongside the workers where possible while still performing the above duties
  • Effectively oversee multiple project sites, when required


  • Ensure the hours of work and break guidelines are followed by all workers
    • Published work hours and break schedule is a guideline. Individual foremen are empowered to make decisions based on their crews needs as long as minimum working hours are met (i.e. break and lunch times can be determined on a site-by-site basis)
    • Keep site supervision aware of your individual sites break/lunch schedule
  • Ensure master timesheet is completed and submitted weekly
  • Ensure vacation requests for crew are submitted for approval at least 2 weeks prior to requested date
  • Ensure parking and expense receipts (occasional coffee/lunch for super/PM or misc. materials (i.e. Home Depot) are submitted
  • Always be on the lookout for new workers, identify candidates and advise site supervision


  • Ensure apprentices are learning and being used efficiently.
  • Understand that apprentices become journeymen who may become foremen. Update Maxan site supervision with progress, potential and any concerns

Relationship Management

  • Maintain a positive attitude when dealing with customers
    • If agreement can’t be reached, defer to Maxan site supervision/project management.
  • Have good working relationship with customers (site supervisor, project manager, etc.)
    • Ensure customers feel that they are getting good value for their money (i.e. no $200 work orders)


  • 3 to 5 years’ experience as a drywall and acoustics foreman
  • In-depth knowledge of construction procedures, equipment and OHSA requirements
  • Valid drivers license and vehicle
  • Valid WHMIS, Working at Heights, Supervisor Health & Safety Awareness, First Aid certifications, etc.
  • Valid lift tickets


  • Excellent organizational and leadership skills
  • Ability to communicate and report effectively
  • Problem solving abilities
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Attention to detail, even under pressure
  • Time management skills with the ability to meet deadlines
  • Good project administration and management skills
  • Ability to read and interpret blueprints, drawings and specifications
  • In-depth knowledge of new systems/materials and building codes/regulations an asset

Personal Attributes

  • Ability to maintain strong relationships
  • A dynamic team player with the ability to work with people at all levels in the organization


  • Accepted file types: pdf.